Posters On The Hill is going virtual!!

The CUR National Office has been researching ways to honor your achievement of being accepted to the 2020 Posters on the Hill celebration. Though the in-person event has sadly been canceled, we have big plans to make the most of this situation.
First, we are organizing a virtual poster session to take place on April 21. This is the same originally-scheduled date of the poster reception that would have taken place on Capitol Hill. More details will follow soon, check your emails!
Second, we are producing a full digital PDF program to commemorate the event just like we would any other year. It will be published to the CUR website and you can reference it on your resume or CV. We will provide guidance on how to cite acceptance to a canceled event; just because we had to cancel does not mean you shouldn’t be able to highlight this achievement to grad schools or potential employers!
Finally, we are working with our public affairs partners to figure out how you can still “meet” with your members of Congress. This may mean phone meetings or video conferences, engagement on social media, and more. More information is coming soon so be on the lookout.