Core Facilities & Shared Resources

INBRE Core Manager Email Contact
BioImaging Center at DBI
State-of-the-art electron, light and atomic force microscopy
Jeff Caplan jcaplan @
Bioinformatics Core at CBCB/DBI
Support & training for a broad range of bioinformatics & genomic analysis applications
Shawn Polson polson @
Bioinformatics Core at Nemours
Consultation & data analysis, REDCap, computing resources, application programing
Suzanne McCahan mccahan @
Biomolecular Core at Nemours
Sanger sequencing, fragment analysis, Ion PGM, Real-Time PCR, 3D PCR, Microarray
Jenn Holbrook mbcore @
Cell Science Core at Nemours
Flow cytometry, Cell culture, 2-D electrophoresis, 2-D DIGE, LC-MS/MS, HPLC
Lisa Glazewski CellScienceCore @
CTCR Core Facility at HFGCC
Flow cytometry / cell sorting, real time PCR, microirradiator
Lynn Opdenaker lopdenaker @
CTCR Core Facility at UD
QPCR, Cytometers, Cell Culture, Colorimetric and Fluorescent end-point assay
Ben Rohe bgroh @
DNA Sequencing & Genotyping Facility at DBI
DNA sequencing; Nucleic Acid extraction, purification, and amplifications; Nucleic Acid quality analysis; DNA fragmentation; DNA size selection
Bruce Kingham brucek @
DSU OSCAR Imaging Facility
Imaging, microscopy, spectroscopy, and image analysis
Mohammad Amir Khan
Genome Customization Core at Christiana
Gene Editing and Genetic Engineering
Eric Kmiec Eric.B.Kmiec @
High Throughput Screen Core at Nemours
Assay development and drug discovery for pediatric disease targets
Kathy Drake kdrake @
Histotechnology Core at Nemours
Full services histotechnology laboratory providing routine & complex assays
Heather Hardy hhardy @
Nemours Translational PET Imaging Core Arabinda Kumar Choudhary
Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
Protein identification and multiplex assays
Leila Choe lchoe @
UD Cardiovascular Research Core David Edwards
UD Center for Biomedical and Brain Imaging Keith Schneider
Value Institute
Consultation, collaboration, advanced statistical methodologies
Claudine Jurkovitz

Delaware INBRE Program facilitates various Core Facilities across the partner institutions. A comprehensive list of these facilities with their resource information and contacts can be found on the Delaware Core Facilities website ยป