DE-INBRE includes the following committees:

External Advisory Committee

This committee is made up of experts in biomedical research, data science, research training, and STEM workforce diversity. It provides evaluation of DE-INBRE programs as well as providing strategic and operational advice on DE-INBRE program administration.

Steering Committee

This committee is comprised of the DE-INBRE PD/PI (Melinda K. Duncan, Associate Vice President for Research and Delaware INBRE Principal Investigator) and one senior leader from each Network Partner Institution (NPI). The Steering Committee ensures that DE-INBRE activities build each NPI’s capacity to do biomedical research in accordance with their diverse institutional missions. This committee is also charged with identifying and supporting inter-institutional research initiatives while promoting
the network-wide adoption of policies and procedures that support investigator driven and inter-institutional
research collaborations.

Executive Committee

This committee provides coordination for the overall management of the Delaware INBRE program, discussing issues and opportunities of importance to the partner institutions. Leaders of the thematic core areas and key members from each partner institution comprise the group, chaired by Laura Lessard, Delaware INBRE Program Coordinator and Director of Evaluation.

Research Committee

Senior faculty members and researchers representing the partner institutions make up this board. Its role is to assess and guide the research programs with the goal of encouraging junior faculty to submit and win individual research grants.